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July 5, 2016

PPC (PAY PER CLICK) or CPC is the word which typically commonly found in advertising industry. Any person or company who belongs to advertisement industry as advertiser or publisher always give attention to PPC. Now the question is exactly what does PPC is ?. In a nutshell it mechanism adopted for serving advertising. Marketers want traffic on the website so they spend money on advertising’s on the bases of PAY PER CLICK. On the other hand web publishers want to make money so they place advertising’s on the website or blog which pay him on the of PAY PER CLICK. So that means PPC is the key reason behind the relationship of advertiser and publisher. Through third party PAY PER CLICK ad networks, advertiser who would like visitors because of their business. Publisher who wish to earn earnings for putting advertisements. Both ongoing gatherings sign up for PAY PER CLICK advertising network relating with their need. Means when the visitors of Publisher site go through the advertiser advertising’s unit. Advertiser have to Pay for every single successful valid click then. So if you need understand the whole concept of PPC i recommend to read How Does PPC Works then ?

Every Webmaster or Blogger dreams to make some cash following that website or blog through advertisements. PPC advertising is the effective way to earn earnings for content. By positioning PAY PER CLICK advertisements on website where huge traffic is arriving. When someone show affinity for advertising and visit it. Then publisher will make money. But significant problem encountered by publisher and marketer is while finding best PAY PER CLICK advertisement systems. Their are extensive best PAY PER CLICKsites can be purchased in market however, many of these are paying to much low. So in this specific article i will list out best PAY PER CLICK advertising networks for web publishers & Advertisers. Choose corresponding to your site and need traffic.

#1.  Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser using earning money

 Bidvertiser using earning money

Bidvertiser is also a most suitable choice if you aren’t in a position to get an agreement from Adsense. Bidvertiser is also famous and oldest best ppc site and even succeed at some type of websites. It CPC rates are best as compare to other small sites just because they give Pop-up, Banner and different other typing advertising techniques. Its CPC rates change from approx 0.02 to $10 and you also get gaining bases on total earn point. Efficiency is most beneficial if have sufficient profile of traffic.

Payment:- Least Payout $10 via PayPal.

Advertisement Format:- Banner Advertising, In-text, Domain Auto parking, XML Feed advertisings, Contextual Advertisements, Search Toolbar

#2.  Propeller Ads


Propeller Ads using earning Money

Propeller is speediest growing multi advertisement format network. They provide detailed optimization for every single site to enable you to select best performing ad campaign individually. Its shown as CPM founded advertising network quite simply. However in actual this network is dependant on various models like CPM, CPA, CPL and cpc. In overall this is among the finest ad network.

Payout:- $100 Via Cable Copy, Payoneer, Payza.

Advertisement Format:- OnClick Advertisings, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising on CPM, CPA, CPC and cpl bases.

#3.  RevenueHits

revenuehits earnings

RevenueHits using earning money

RevenueHits is the greatest ppc advertisement network for web publishers who wish to generate more earnings with cutting edge Contextual & Geo targeted Advertisement Offering technology. RevenueHits provides home services for web publishers, where any webmaster will come and get tags and begin making money. They offers a self applied service for Marketers also, where anyone will come and buy very good quality traffic.
Important thing – if you wish to have your website or blog’s income era to another level, this is actually the best answer around. RevenueHits is a good advertising network for monetizing websites.

Payout:- $50 via PayPal.

Ad Format:- Screen Ads, Text Advertisements, Pop up/under

#4.  Google Adsense


Google Adsense Earning

Google Adsense is one of the better in all ppc sites. Without doubt every blogger and webmaster would like to earn through Adsense because there are reasons for the success and Adsense Acceptance. In a nutshell Adsense is Bet founded CPC and RPM sites and there are several promoters bases on the niche market of sites. Adsense offers highest CPC rates and show more targeted advertising related to content which raise the CTR rate and really helps to earn more income. Adsense rates varies on the bases of unimportant and relevant advertising’s. It CPC rate vary between your selection of $0.02 – $15 depend after the positioning of visitor and specific niche market of your blog.

Ad Format:- Reactive Ads, Display Advertisements, Text Ads, Website link Advertisements, Match Content Advertising.
Payout:- $100 via cheque, EFT, Wired copy, Western Union.

#5. InfoLinks Ads


InfoLinks Ads using Earning

Infolinks is In-text website link based ppc advertisement network. If you have text based rich site or blog Infolinks is best choice for earn some income then. The very best part of Infolinks is they don’t really need and space for banners. Infolinks show targeted advertising’s for just about any relevant keyword from you content. You can even use keyword Label cloud from Infolinks you site or Infolinks can be use as search advertising. Infolinks don’t cover the areas so that is why you may use other advertising banner from Adsense or other option to earn more earnings for websites content.

Advertising Format:- In-text advertisements, Search advertising or In Label cloud.

Payment:- Minimum Spend $50 via PayPal or cable transfer.

#6.  Chitika Ads

Chitika ads using earning

Chitika ads using earning

Chitika is also famous system of ppc bases of Search Targeted Advertisements, Local advertising and Mobile Advertising. Chitika advertisings are allows only organic and natural traffic drive by Se’s. So you will only earn earnings from clicks, if you have good visitor circulation from se’s. Chitika Offers high CPC rates as compare to others but tiny bit low as compare to Adsense. But of others it is also good Adsense alternative instead. Chitika has Referring Program you can also refer others for using Chitika advertisings then you will earn 10% of Refer Publisher review for 10 months.
Requirement:- Organic and natural Search Traffic is necessary for earning.

Advertisement Format:- Display banner advertisings, Text Ads.

Payout:- $10 via PayPal and $50 via Assessments.

#7.  SuperLinks


Superlinks is speediest growing new screen established advertising network. Superlinks is one the best adsense option you don’t have to be concerned about adsense if you work with superlinks. Superlinks offer Super Leave link, Super screen advertisements, Super Footer, Super Interstitial, Super tower with various different size of banners. Superlinks is working through Yahoo doubleclick network which means in the event no highest paying banner is visiable then adsense advertising will be viewed to load space. Superlinks is one the best solution for you they give CPM and CPC based earning. Minimum payout is $100 via PayPal and $500 via payoneer wire transfer on the bases of NET35. Therefore i recommend you to definitely now become a member of superlink right. Superlinks subscribe

#8. Media.online Ads

yahoo bing ads earning reports

Media.net is a Contextual ppc structured site by Combined Yahoo and Bing and driven by Press.Net. It really is one of best Substitute of Adsense. It is CPC rates are high and good also. It is also Bid based CPM and CPC and CPA advertising on the bases of eRPM. Media.net become most popular for publisher and marketer within couple of years and makes best devote advertising. Unfortunately unless you get Adsense approval i quickly recommend you to use for Media.Net
Requirement:- Top quality content and Traffic from high quality countries like USA, UK, Canada.

Ad Format:- Screen Ads, Keyword Stop Ads.

Payout:- $250 via PayPal or Line Transfer.Media.online sign up

#9. Affinity Ads

Affinity in addition has make their finest put in place advertising market. Affinity has adopts many different kind of ways for publisher to earn much more income using their website by implementation in Toolbar, In-text, search suggestion, gaming ads, widget and such varieties of amazing implementation. Affinity is Bet Rates network predicated on CPC also , CPA and cpm with better eRPM rates. Affinity have highest earnings sharing upto 95% as compare to others.

Advertising Format:- In-Search, In-Domain, In-Content, Screen Ads, Mobile Advertisings.

Least payout:- $50 via PayPal.

#10. Kontera Ads

Kontera Ads Using Earning

Kontera Ads Using Earning

Kontera is nearly just like Infolinks advertisements sites. It is predicated on In-text and in-image advertisings for your text message content for just about any picked keywords. Kontera show relevant advertising for keyword shown in two times underline which is also appears aggravating for users . Kontera offers Less CPC rates nonetheless they having higher CTR rates. Kontera is also appropriate which Yahoo Adsense and other Sites. In addition they don’t need any space of banner placement. So that it is way better way to earn area income with other Banners structured ads. Kontera show 70% earnings with Publishers

Advertising Format:- In-text founded ads

Least Payout:- $50 PayPal or Cable Transfer.

#11. Conversant Media

Conversant Media using Earning

Conversant Media using Earning

Conversant media Advertisements keep best position in advertising systems. It is predicated on CPM and CPC methods. Advertisement format employed by Conversant have contextual ads, different size of banner, pop advertising and a great many other different format. Its offers good CPC, CPL and cpm rates better smaller as compare to above sites.

Ad Format:- Screen Ads, Text Advertising, Video Advertisings, Mobile Advertising, In-text, Display ads

Minimum amount Payout:- $25 vie PayPal.

#12.  AdHitz

AdHitz ads using Earning

AdHitz ads using Earning

AdHitz keeps growing advertiser program but its performance on the publisher platforms not good. AdHitz having amount different kinds of marketer but their offers less CPC rates as compare to other publisher systems so that is why publisher choose Adhitz less advertisement compare to others. But if their is not any choice kept i quickly recommend that you choose Adhitz. Otherwise try on another advertisings programs first.

Advertising Format:- Flat Rates PPC advertisements, Banner Ads.

Least payout:- $25 via PayPal.

#13.  Clicksor Ads

Clicksor using earning

Clicksor using earning

That is also among the finest Choice for other in-text founded as well for banner advertisements. Clicksor is most beneficial and popular system of publisher and marketer. Clicksor having several advertising format like in-text advertisings and contextual banner ads. Clicksor divides publisher in two teams on the bases of total impressions. Clicksor is Bid based CPM and CPC advertisings networks. Its offer less CPC rates as compare to above Sites. If also offer Recommendation Program imply you earn 10% earnings from the Publisher you send for using Clicksor.
Advertisement Format:- In-text and contextual banner advertisements, Pop under and other wording based ads.
Least Payout:- $50 through check or PayPal.Clicksor

I desire You love this post about best ppc sites. I try make clear only the best ppc networks from where you can generate some revenue. Their are amounts of PPC publisher site can be found which we’ve not listed because of these low cpc rates and performance. Therefore i recommend anyone to choose any network that you like. We’ve updated new set of best ppc advertisement network for publisher on our new blog. Must check it for new coming ppc advertisement networks.

Note:- Avoid more that 2,3 three different networks on same site. Their a wide range of bad results on site as well on profits also.

When you have every other best ppc sites feel absolve to promote your experience in comment package.

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