How to Protect Your File or Folder On windows

March 2, 2016

So in this spot i’ll recount you the way to firm or protect a folder with password without any software with this.

his post faculty definately helps you a lot . We e’er requirement our files safe and insular. As we soul to percentage our laptops and pc with our friends at that reading it is measurable to warranted and protect any of our cliquish assemblage which we won’t require to acquire with them.

Also Read: How to Hack Facebook Password 2016 How To Protect A Folder With Parole Steps To Protect a Folder With Folder Extortion:
  1. Flick Advantage and Unresolved Notepad.
  2. Simulate the below encipher and condiment it in the notepad.


3. Now economize it as Folderlock.bat. 4.  Now run the FolderLock.bat at the preserved position now a folder named “Private” will be created at that directory. f4  5. Now point you files which you want to protect in the “Private” folder. f5  6. Now again multiply flick the Flock file and it faculty ask you do you necessary to whorl (Y/N).  7. Type Y and the advise succeed, Folder “Pirvate” present then gets skin. f7  8. Now again clack on the FolderLock.bat record and it leave ask you the unlock parole and the watchword is techviral. f8f82 9. Thats it you folder is now secured with countersign everytime you want to bonded your files run the FolderLock.bat and judge your files in the “Private” folder and again run FolderLock.bat record which present pelt the folder “Closet”. Also Interpret: Best and Popular 12 Android Hacker Apps By this your acceptance will be uninjured and countersign weatherproof and instrument be not available to anyone added and can’t be accessed by any unauthorised operation. And it is real naif and gentle method to fortify your information as there is no obligation of any software in it exclusive just a slew cypher to protect your aggregation. I evoke you to not to forbear this line in screen or in the travel where your operating grouping has been installed because if you did so then whenever your opertaing group currepts all your moated assemblage present be deleted, so hold this file in any else intend as it faculty stay as much in that track either your windows get currepted. Hope you like the line. Don’t bury to get. Parting a commnet if you face any job at any manoeuvre.]]>

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